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We' ve assembled a support team, giving you quick, easy access to the  information you needed. Do you want to get some information you are looking  for? Contact our experienced customer support via Email or call to us.

  Bengbu Olyin Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.                         Zhejiang Olyin Industrial Limited

  Add:    No.124 Changzheng Road,                                                               Add:     Dongnan Industrial park,          

             Yuhui,  Bengbu City,                                                                                       Wuyi, Jinhua City,  

             Anhui, China (233000)                                                                                    Zhejiang, China (321201)  


  Tel:     +86-552-2858255 / 2868255  


 whatsapp.png   +86-186-55212999


  info@olyin.com     sales@olyin.com   

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